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Leafing Aluminium Paste

Product Description

Aluminium paste, leafing type, made of lamellar particles covered with stearic acid.

This Product line has as characteristic the particle orientation in the uppermost layer of the paint film, applied and positioned in a multi-layer form parallel to the substrate.

This orientation provides a unique esthetic shiny effect that provides the applied system with a protective barrier.

Grade Non Volatile content (% Min) Leafing Value
(% Min)
Water Covering area (cm²/gm) Sieve Residue (% max)

>75 µ     >45 µ
Particle size d50 in µ (Cilas 1064) (typical) Solvent Applications
10L 65 65 14000 2 5 10 µ Mineral spirit Anti Corrosive Paints, Asphalt Paints, Exterior Painting  with high reflectivity & Thermal resistance, painting roofing tiles, Fences, etc.,
12L 65 65 18000 1.0 2.0 8 µ Mineral spirit Anti Corrosive Paints, Exterior Painting with high reflectivity & Thermal resistance, Spraying, dipping, Painting towers, Bridges, Oil refineries and tanker Vessels.
30L 65 65 25000 0.2 0.4 7 µ Mineral spirit High grade Printing, High grade Finishing for Toys Furniture, Stationeries, Fittings, etc.,
LUXAL 30L 65 65 28000 0.1 0.2 6 µ Mineral spirit/ Turpentine Offset Printing ink, Gravure Printing ink, flexographic printing ink, screen printing ink, plastic master batches and Aerosols.
LUXAL 30L SPL 65 65 35000 0.1 0.2 5 µ Mineral spirit Offset Printing Ink, Gravure Painting ink, Flexographic Printing, Screen Printing, Plastic Master batches and Aerosols.
Note: All above grades can also be supplied on other solvents like Naphtha, Xylene & Toluene. We can also Supply as per Customer’s Specifications on request.

Packing: Mild steel Drums 25 Kgs. Nett.
Leafing Aluminium Paste
Leafing Aluminium Paste
Leafing Aluminium Paste