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Non-Leafing Aluminium Paste

Product Description

Aluminium paste, no-leafing type, made of lamellar particles covered with oleic acid.

This Product line has as characteristic the particle orientation in the middle layer of the paint film, applied in and positioned in a multi-layer form parallel to the substrate.

This orientation provides differentiated effects that add a metallic shine to the applied system, basides allowing dying with highly transparent pigments, which can generate finishing in silver or in a large range of matallic colors.

Grade Non Volatile content (% Min) Screen Analysis Sieve Residue (% max)

>75 µ           >45 µ
Typical d50 in µ (Cilas 1064) Solvent Applications
12NL 65 0.5 2 12 Mineral spirit Primer and under coats, Hammer Paints Metallic Finishes for Automobiles, TV sets, Office supplies, Furniture.
30NL 65 0.1 0.4 9 Mineral spirit Poly chrome Paints, Hammer tone, Metallic and Plastic Coatings.
Note : All above grades can also be supplied in other solvents like Naphtha, Xylene & Toluene. We can also Supply as per Customer’s Specifications on request.

Normal Packing: Mild Steel drums each 25 kgs. Nett.
Non-Leafing Aluminium Paste
Non-Leafing Aluminium Paste
Non-Leafing Aluminium Paste