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Special Grade Aluminium Powder

Product Description

We Offering wide range of products as special grade for specified applications such as Industrial explosives, civil explosives, in fireworks for making sparklers & pesticides in food grain storage.

Lamellar aluminium powders found in safe explosives or "slurry explosives" are primarilly used for "sensitizing" the explosive compounds.

Aluminium flakes are reacted with phophorous to form aluminium phosphode which is used as an insecticide.

Grade Bulk Density
(gm/cc) Max
Screen analysis
<45 (?) % Max
Matter Soluble in Organic Solvent (%) Water Covering Area (cm/gm) min Applications
DDD 0.25 75 1.0 Max N / A Mining Explosives
DF 0.32 85 2-4 9000 Mining Explosives
SSS FLAKES 0.35 90 Min 2-4 N / A Pyrotechnic Sparklers
RP 0.35 40-55 1.5 Max 3000 Aluminium Phosphide
Normal Packing: In MS drums.

DDD = 50 Kgs drum packing, DF = in polythene lined gunny bag each 15 Kgs / 12.5 kgs, SSS Flakes - MS -drum 40 Kgs

RP = In polythene lined gunny bag each 17.5 Kgs / 35 Kgs
Special Grade Aluminium Powder
Special Grade Aluminium Powder
Special Grade Aluminium Powder