The Arasan Aluminium Industries (P) Ltd.
Non-Leafing Aluminium Paste
Grade Non-Volatile content (% Min) Screen Analysis
Silver Residue        (% Max)
Average Particle Size d50 in µ (Cilas 1064) Typical Solvent Applications
>75 µ > 45 µ
12NL 65 1.0 2 12 Mineral Spirit/ Turpentine Primer and under coats, Hammer Paints Metallic Finishes for Automobiles, TV sets, Office supplies, Furniture.
30NL 65 0.05 0.4 9 Mineral Spirit/ Turpentine Poly chrome Paints, Hammer tone, Metallic and Plastic Coatings.
Normal Packing: Mild steel drums each 25 Kgs. Nett.
Note: All above grades can also be supplied in other solvents like Naphtha, Xylene & Toluene.
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