The Arasan Aluminium Industries is a pioneer in the field of aluminium powder metallurgy and a leading manufacturer of aluminium powder and pastes worldwide.

In 1981,  Aluminium powder the basic raw material for fireworks and multiple industrial applications was being imported from foreign countries by all Indian manufacturers. Considering the plight of our domestic fireworks manufacturers and identifying the demand for aluminium powder, our founder Shri A.M.S Ganesan set up a manufacturing unit on the outskirts of Sivakasi, Tamilnadu with an initial capacity of 150 MT per annum.

Since then, over the past 4 decades, we have undergone radical developments in all our products with a consistent focus on quality, consistency and delivering impeccable value to our consumers. These developments were a result of continuous improvements and enhanced innovation in various new fields of application achieved by our state of the art R&D facilities in collaboration with international research centers while exchanging a constant stream of ideas with our clients. Simultaneously our production capacities have been increased to over 6000 MT per annum with continuous innovation at every turn.

Our current range of products include Atomised Aluminium Powder,  Pyrotechnic Aluminium Powder,  Aluminium Pastes (Leafing and Non-leafing), Aluminium Pigment Powders and Light-weight concrete Powders & Pastes. It is with pride we state that our products are at the forefront of powder technology.

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